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Playa Sámara is a quiet beach town on the north Pacific coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  If you are reading this, you are well on your way to discovering one of the most beautiful, peaceful places on earth.  It is considered one of the safest and cleanest beaches in Costa Rica, as well as being tranquil. Located an easy, paved 1.5 hour drive from Liberia airport (LIR), Playa Sámara is accesible for families, couples and backpackers.  If you are looking for an authentically mellow, sleepy beach town with varied activities, great restaurants, and even a late night destination or two, you will love Sámara.  The pace is slow, the water is perfect and the weather is lovely.


That being said, this is the jungle, and it is all around.  There are numerous bird species in the trees around the Villa, as well as the famous howler monkeys and iguanas.  There are also insects,  mosquitoes, and geckos, and the sun is strong.  Bring sun screen and repellent, and use liberally (just shower off before you get in the pool). 

If you decide to visit between May and November, there is the chance of rain.  It is infrequent in May, getting progressively wetter until its peak in October.   It rarely rains all day long, but when it does rain, it is usually torrential, yet short. 


Water, electricity and internet, while reliable here, cannot be guaranteed at all times.  There are sometimes planned outages, but sometimes there are situations that are out of our hands.  We do, however, do our best to take care of the issue!


Your vacation is what you make it, so if you are ready to slow down and embrace its beauty and pace, we are ready for you!

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